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About Outpost The Hague and our services

What do we do at Outpost?

• We provide a welcome to Shell newcomers arriving in The Hague.
• We manage a network of volunteers who meet and greet newcomers.
• We organize networking events to bring expats and repats together including a monthly newcomers information morning.
• We send out a monthly E-Newsletter to expat partners
• We operate a resource centre and library providing information on The Netherlands and other Shell locations
• We provide advice on work and study opportunities
• We run career development workshops
• We provide relocation information for all Shell locations around the globe

• We can provide a summary translation of your letters and documents
• We can give you access to the internet if you are waiting for an internet connection.

Who is on the team?

We are a team of Shell partners with overseas experience.

Sally Cooper, Focal Point (English)

Relocation Team:
Charlotte de Jongh (Dutch)
Ana Forte Dasquez (Argentinian)
Francesca Ercolani (Italian)
Celine Germon (French)

Careers and Development Team:
Marina Cauley (Scottish)
Debora Guimaraes (Brazilian)
Guisi Rondinelli (Italian)

Leandra Vuik (Dutch)


Young Shell Partner Network

If you are a young Shell partner wanting to meet up with other young Shell partners please come along to the event listed below: Please pass this onto other young Shell partners you might know.

Friday 15th September 2006
Evening event for you and your partner
Bowling and dinner in Scheveningen

Friday 20th October 2006
Coffee and cakes at the Shell offices, to plan winter events

For more details contact Leah at Leah82webster@casema.nl
Or Ana at A.ForteDasquez@shell.com

Repat Networking Group

The Repat Networking Group has recently been established to bring together repats arriving in The Hague to share advice and experiences. A very successful networking event was held on 30th May for the new Repat Group with an excellent talk by Bela de Vries on issues relating to repatriation. If you are interested in further information regarding this Group please contact Charlotte de jongh on 070 3776530 or email outpost@shell.com. If you would like to be a contact for this Repat Group for newcomers arriving in The Netherlands please email outpost@shell.com.

Click here for more information.



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The information given by Outpost is based upon the gathered personal experiences of expatriate families. Therefore, you will appreciate that Outpost cannot accept any liability for damages directly or indirectly resulting from the services rendered or information given.

Source of images : Global Outpost Services & the Outpost network and www.thehague.nl
Updated : August 21, 2006