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A Glimpse of Daily Life in The Hague

Scheveningen pier and Promenade is a popular area year round for entertainment and restaurants

This multi-screen cinema at Scheveningen shows most films in their original language (i.e. often English), subtitled in Dutch. The Hague has 4 major cinemas always showing a variety of current films.

Flowers are inexpensive, plentiful and popular. Traditionally, Dutch men brought flowers to their wives or girlfriends on Friday. Isn't this a custom we should all encourage?

Parking is limited in all city-centres and strict regulations apply. Wheel clamping is very common.


Recycling is encouraged with conveniently located containers for paper and glass.

Somewhat of a shock to newcomers, sex-shops can be found in every big city-centre.

Transportation in The Hague


Bikes are commonly used as a way of travelling to work. There are separate lanes  and traffic lights for cyclists on most roads.

Both pedestrians and motorists must be alert for cyclists who seem to generally have priority!


Public transportation in the Netherlands is excellent, with frequent bus, tram and train connections.


Shopping in and around the Hague

These shopping streets are typical of many Dutch villages,  offering a variety of small independent shops as well as  chain stores such as Hema (household goods) and Dixons (electronics).

Fresh fish shop at Scheveningen Harbour

Hobbemaplein market in the Hague has an extensive range of fruit, vegetables, spices etc.(pictured above and right). Most villages have a smaller open air market one day per week.
There are several different supermarket chains, with branches everywhere. Although much smaller than American or British supermarkets, they offer a good variety of items and unlike independent shops are often open until 8 or 9 pm in the evening.
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Updated : August 21, 2006