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Guide to The Hague

Coming to a foreign country often presents problems with moving, settling down etc. The Outpost team has developed a document called The Inside Guide to The Hague. This document is based upon the experience of expatriate families living in The Netherlands and will hopefully help you with many of your relocation questions.

This Inside Guide to The Hague covers many different topics so you will find the chapter Index helpful.

To print the whole document (797 Kb) please click here now.

The Outpost team would be very grateful for any feedback that you might have so please let us have your observations or let us know if we have omitted any important information.

We wish you an informed relocation and a very enjoyable stay in The Netherlands.

Presented by:
The Outpost The Hague Team
Tel: +31 (0)70-3776530

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The information given by Outpost is based upon the gathered personal experiences of expatriate families. Therefore, you will appreciate that Outpost cannot accept any liability for damages directly or indirectly resulting from the services rendered or information given.

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Updated : August 22, 2006