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Guide to The Hague - Leisure activities

Museums and Galleries

A trip to a museum is a popular outing for the Dutch, perhaps combined with coffee and cake in the local café afterwards. There are over 600 museums in the Netherlands, covering every topic imaginable. Art, Music, Transportation, Nature, History, whatever your interests, there is bound to be a museum to intrigue you. Many are very child friendly.

It is possible to buy a Museumjaarkaart giving you free entry to over 400 museums for one year. It can be obtained immediately at most major museums and costs just € 35 (€15 for anyone under 25 years old).

Nederland Museumland is a guide, listing over 1100 museums, castles and other sites by area. It gives the opening times, prices, and whether the museumjaarkaart or discounts apply. It is in Dutch, but if you know the days of the week and a few other words you will be able to decipher the information you might need.


There is a wide choice of public libraries called openbare bibliotheek. You can become a member and borrow books for a small annual fee (children are free).

The Centrale Bibliotheek of the Gemeente Den Haag allows you to consult its books on the spot for free.

Openbare Bibliotheek : Spui 68, The Hague Tel.070 3534455 has a good selection of English books and special section for children. The music departments of the libraries may require proof of identity.

Your town hall will provide you with the telephone number of the public libraries in the city where you live and you will often be amazed at the wide range of English books on display.

The American Women’s Club and the British Club in The Hague have two important private libraries.

American Women’s Club Library: Nieuwe Duinweg 25 Tel.070 3506007

British Club Library: Plein 24 Tel. 070 3461973

Special libraries possess specialised collections and can be of great value to students conducting research. An increasing number of these special libraries are making their collections accessible through the Internet. For example, the Royal Library (Koninklijke Bibliotheek ) is the national library of the Netherlands and has two versions of its catalogue available on the Internet. The Royal Tropical Institute (Koninklijk Instituut voor de Tropen - KIT) in Amsterdam owns an extensive library with collections on the issues and problems of developing countries. Its public catalogue is available on the Internet. KIT Library & Information Services offer one of the world largest collections of scientific and popular books, periodicals, articles and maps concerning developing countries.

For reference, the book ‘Here’s Holland’ by Sheila Gazaleh-Weevers gives an extensive list of all libraries.

Arts and Crafts

Enhancing creativity

The Dutch are fond of hobbies and you will undoubtedly find people who share your interests. If your activity requires a great deal of equipment, think carefully about bringing it, as you might not have the storage space in a traditional Dutch house. Also beware that the instructions for locally purchased crochet or knitting packs, needlework patterns, craft sets will very often be in Dutch only! The needles are sized in millimeters and the fabric is measured in the metric system.
The following craft shops stock a good selection of tools and supplies for a wide variety of arts and crafts:

  • Artifac
• De Vulpen
• Goedman
Noordwal 17, The Hague 070 346 1800
F. Hendricklaan 179, The Hague: 070 355 6067
Molenstraat 43, The Hague 070 3638303


Gallery Wapiti
Marconistraat 10
2562 JD Den Haag
Tel: +31 (0) 70 3107372
Opening times: Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 11.00-18.00hrs


The numerous international clubs of The Hague offer membership of various creative activity groups for a small fee or for free once you have paid your annual membership.


Starting up a new life in a foreign country is clearly a challenge. We need as much help/support as possible and we need to “ fit in” as soon as possible. A really good way can be to join a fitness/sport club. Check the Gouden Gids (Yellow pages) in the blue index Onderwerpenindex under Sport for details. Dutch people are enthusiastic sports players. Cycling, swimming, tennis, hockey, football, golf are particularly popular. Each sport is represented by an association (vereniging). Contact the association representing the sport in order to get all the information you may need. For a better orientation have a look at the Town Hall web site: www.denhaag.com.

There is also Sport Infoline from A to Z that you can call from Monday to Friday 08:00-17:00 hrs, in order to have all kinds of information regarding your favorite sport: “De Sport-info-lijn: voor sport vragen van A - Z telefoonnummer: Tel: (070) 353 7272. E-mail: sportinfo@denhaag.nl

Social Clubs and Organizations

There is a vast choice of clubs, associations and international communities in The Hague. They are really active and always looking for new members. Here some examples:

The British Club
Sociëteit de Witte Plein 24 2511 CS The Hague
Tel: 070 3461973 Fax: 070 3461973

Canadian Women's Club
P.O. Box 89 2240 AB Wassenaar
Tel: 070 3456096

Connecting Women
The Hague
Tel: 070 3652543

Amité Club de la Haye
Tel: 070 3870112

Deutscher Klub in den Niederlanden
P.O. Box 65786, 2506 EB The Hague
Tel: 070 3914107 Fax:070 354750
Website: www.deutscherklub.nl

German Library
Deutsche Bibliothek The Hague
Witte de Withstraat 31-33 2518 CP
Tel: 070 3559762 Fax: 070 3559762

International Women's Contact
Vierloper 10 P.O.Box: 84 404 The Hague
Tel: 070-355 8863

Petroleum Wives Club
P.O. Box 655 2240 AT Wassenaar
Tel: 070 358 8257 Fax: 070 511 6342

L'Acceuil des Francophones de La Haye
Postbus 17156
2502 CD Den Haag

Alliance Française de La Haye
Kettingstraat 2 2511 AN The Hague
Tel: 070 3621523 Fax: 070 3621743

American Women's Club
Nieuwe Duinweg 25 2578 AB The Hague
Tel: 070 3506007

Australian and New Zealand Women's Club
Badhuisweg 53 2587 CC The Hague
Tel: 070 310 8200

The Decorative & Fine Arts Society of The Hague
The Hague Tel: 070 3246763 Young

Pickwick Women's Club of Rotterdam
English speaking womens club in Rotterdam
tel: 0871-902129

The Hague International Network
Koningskade 30 2596 AA The Hague
Tel: 070 3062211 Fax: 070 3587921

Young Shell Network
sww-sn.shell.com/youngshell (available within the internal Shell network)

Going out

The international atmosphere of The Hague is reflected in the many restaurants with their French, Japanese, Italian, Mexican, Greek, Chinese and Indonesian cuisine. Well over twenty nationalities, each with their own cuisine, are represented in The Hague. One of the liveliest parts of The Hague is the historic district around Denneweg. The small stores, galleries and antique shops can be visited during the day and the many cafe’s and restaurants offer plenty of opportunities for an evening out.

For a more comprehensive list of restaurants see the following links:
List of restaurants in The Hague: www.denhaag.com
List of restaurants in the Netherlands: www.iens.nl/english

Please note that most theatres in The Netherlands have performances in Dutch.
The following ones are just an example:
  • Lucent Danstheater: www.ldt.nl
• Fortis Circustheatre located in Scheveningen: www.circustheater.nl
• De Koninklijke Schouwburg: www.ks.nl
• Theater aan het Spui: www.theateraanhetspui.nl
• The AATG is an English-language theatre group based in The Hague since 1951. For more information check their website: www.aatg.nl
For more information see: www.holland.com

The largest cinema chain is Pathe. Please see their website: www.pathe.nl. You can book a reservation on line. Movies are shown in the native language and subtitled in Dutch.
Another option is Filmhuis Den Haag (foreign language films with Dutch sub-titles):

For the complete list of cinemas check: www.holland.com

Night clubs
Nightclubs change regularly therefore check: www.denhaag.com for the latest up to date information.



Out and about inThe Netherlands
Check what is on offer within The Netherlands by visiting the Outpost office. A calendar of events is available, plus plenty of places to visit, from quaint villages, to museums, activity parks and much more.

It is also useful to visit the Dutch Tourist Association (VVV) office. There is one in every city:
• Stationsplein 10, 1012 AB Amsterdam Tel: 0900 4004040
• Hofweg 1, The Hague Tel: 0900 34035051
• Coolsingel 67, 3012 AC Rotterdam Tel: 0900 4034065
and you will find touring maps, restaurant and theatre guides and lots more.

Also check: www.holland.com

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The information given by Outpost is based upon the gathered personal experiences of expatriate families. Therefore, you will appreciate that Outpost cannot accept any liability for damages directly or indirectly resulting from the services rendered or information given.

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Updated : February 9, 2007